Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mi crazy life!

Wow!! So this summer is going by SOO quickly! I'm excited but  then, not excited if ya know what I mean jelly bean! Lol So basically my summer has consisted of pool, drivers ed, church, New converts class, drama practice, and extra fun little things...Guys, I'm almost 16! Like I seriously CANNOT believe it. After I turn 16 I will go up to the Tays Center and find out about taking my G.E.D. and all that good stuff! Idk, I really feel like I'm growing up too quickly...😰 Even tho my G.E.D. will only take about 6 months which will be probably about let's say, September-March(maybe earlier) I still plan on going to college! I REALLY want to go for cosmetology but, it's going to cost me about $12,000...I just really feel that this summer is my last summer of freedom! Hahaha jk but after I pass my G.E.D. I can get a job, and my provisional license, until then gotta stick with driver's permit! Wow!!! I feel like a big girl haha!!

PSSSST ...... I'm not done! Feel free to leave a comment, or suggestions!! Aight?? Lol have a nice day! Love you my followers!! 

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