Sunday, March 30, 2014

Haircut again: D

Ok I know I said I was gonna grow my hair out... but I had to cut it one more time so my bangs would be the same length as the first layer, which was pretty short.... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT though!!! To be honest I want to keep it this way but am going to try to grow it out and see if I like it... if not then I will have it cut short like this again... Sooo.... here it is!

Let me know what u think of it... I will try to post weekly haircut with different styles or accesories I put in my hair... I don't usually wear earings so this was something special for it... LOL
Well I hope u enjoyed this post!!!! :D
P.S. I am going to grow out my hair! Hahahaha....
Thank you Crissy  for doing my hair!!

Friday, March 7, 2014


I am growing my hair out again. This is how it is now:

This is how I want it to be again:

Don't make fun of me cuz these pictures don't look good!! LOL These were the best ones I  could find.... ;(