Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mi crazy life!

Wow!! So this summer is going by SOO quickly! I'm excited but  then, not excited if ya know what I mean jelly bean! Lol So basically my summer has consisted of pool, drivers ed, church, New converts class, drama practice, and extra fun little things...Guys, I'm almost 16! Like I seriously CANNOT believe it. After I turn 16 I will go up to the Tays Center and find out about taking my G.E.D. and all that good stuff! Idk, I really feel like I'm growing up too quickly...😰 Even tho my G.E.D. will only take about 6 months which will be probably about let's say, September-March(maybe earlier) I still plan on going to college! I REALLY want to go for cosmetology but, it's going to cost me about $12,000...I just really feel that this summer is my last summer of freedom! Hahaha jk but after I pass my G.E.D. I can get a job, and my provisional license, until then gotta stick with driver's permit! Wow!!! I feel like a big girl haha!!

PSSSST ...... I'm not done! Feel free to leave a comment, or suggestions!! Aight?? Lol have a nice day! Love you my followers!! 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May wedding!!

Heyy!! So on May 24th my brother got married to this BEAUTIFUL girl, wh I am proud to call my sister in law!!! :D

Their first kiss EVER!!!!!!!!

Father of the bride and the couple!!

Newlyweds with the parents of the bride!

My brother and sister in law!

First time EVER holding hands!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Here some selfies! I know, I take em WAAAYY too much! But, gosh darn it! Their soo fun!! Lol

These are like my favorite pics!!! Soo...cuute!! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sonic Ice Cream!!

Yummy I loove Sonics ice cream! Even better, I paid! Heehee ya'll should have been here I would've bought ya'll some!! Anyways trying new things on my editor thing nso here's a pic! 😆

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break!!

Thank God it is spring break!! I have SOO much reports to catch up on...tsk...tsk on me! Lol we have so much planned for the week Thursday w we are gonna go to the pool wit a bunch of people from church all up church people are more than welcome to join us!😂 Also Friday  about 11 ish we are going to go to Tulie creek! Find your own ride and u are also welcome to come...Spread the word guys, spread the word!!😄 Have a FANTASTIC spring break everyone! Love your guyz!😍😘💖

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nameless post!

Ugh! I'm already crying soo hard and I just started this post!! My BEST friend and her family are moving... 😢 They leave in 3 weeks...Us girls already cryed so hard!! Lol

If y'all know me and this girl we have been through hell and back!! She is still a PAIN in my BUTT, but God how I LOVE her to death!! 

 Those lips tho!! Hahaha! These Colby gosh! U are something else! I don't know what ur deal is lol! These guys mean the WORLD to me!! I have known them for 11 years! I just can't believe they are leaving...😥😢

So I went to the rollarena yesterday! It's really fun! Especially whenever u know the people there! I fell tho yes it hurt! My knee hurts especially bad! *sigh oh the fun and embarrassment of it all! Lol My knee is sooo purple and swollen! 😥😰😧

It looks SOOO freaking ugly and I get made fun of for limping at church lol.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Complete randomness!

Omg!! I love this little girl!!! Mi little poser!
Ma lil Klo-bo!! <3 
I love teaching this girl in Sunday school she listens soo well!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


What the!?! #ratchetfelisha!!  Right Abigail!?! Lol Aww I looks pretty!

 Hahaha I remember this day like it was yesterday!!
 Look at that dimple! Gosh he cute! He's a pain in mi butt sometimes tho! Ladies back off, he's all mine!! =P
 Then we got mi cool gangsta brother
Awwh!! Soo cuute!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


So for those of you who don't know....Mi big brother Eric is getting married!!! I know cray right!?  Lol it was a surprise to us all!! =D  They are getting married May 24th, 2015! I'm going crazy I have been waiting for this girl to be mi sister-in-law FOREVER!! Lol They are sooo cute together! Their colors are grey, pink, and yellow! Girls are wearing the pink and boys are wearing the yellow.

Sorry. Best picture I have of them lol :-)