Thursday, October 18, 2012


Fire?!?!? What??!!?! Ok so my mum was cooking delicious hamburgers and she was almost done when my sister sees  someone who is looking over our fence so my sister goes out there a police is out there and asks if we are having a barbeque and she says ya then my mum goes out there may i help u??? He asks are u cooking hamburgers and she says ya again haha!!! So he says can i jump over the fence and she says ys u can use the gate if u want so he uses that so to make a looooong story short he said  that some people at the hospital  saw smoke and thought there was a fire at our house but there wasn't and so there was police at our house.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Marms!?!?!? What is that??!! Well that is our new cat!! Her real name is Marmlade but I like to call her Marms. she is orange and is not fixed yet hopefully she will get fixed!!

           Ok so I am so so so so sorry that I have not posted pics I forgot how to do it.;(