Saturday, October 18, 2014

Purity/Promise ring!!

Heyy!!! On February 14, 2014 I got my promise ring. My parents decided I was old enough and responsible enough to have a ring now! They trusted me.... I was veery excited!! I made a desicion to wait for the right man God is going to give me! Not only that I am going to stay pure, not touch, not kiss, not do anything with a guy until my wedding day!! So far I have to say It has been the BEST desicion of my life!!!! The man that God has for me has to take the best care for mee!! Has to have a job, money, his own house, a car, and Has to love God with all his heart, mind and soul, and of course has to be save!! Well I HOPE ya'll like this post!! Also if you all have an idea of what I should do my blog on then plz let me know!! I am running out of ideas to do... 

I hope you all enjoyed this post!! I know there is not much words to say to this but there is my ring!! I loove it sooo... much!! Luv ya all!! XOXOXO!!! Once again if u all have any ideas let me know!!!   

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