Friday, May 2, 2014

3 reasons why I want to be homeschooled.

  3 reasons why I want to be homeschooled.
3 reasons why I want to be homeschooled is that I was getting bullied. I wasn't getting hit or anything I was getting bullied with verbal words and the guy and girl that were hitting me were throwing things at me. Also I hated people cussing and saying horrible things about my God and I want to hurt them but it won't be a good testimony for Christ. My last reason why is that you spend 7 1/2 hours at school then you go home and do homework for an hour or two. I'm not saying that homesdchool is going to be way easier then public school because, I still have to get up at the regular time as public school I can't just wake up and decid oh I want I'm going to do school today. I don't just relax all day my mom helps us with our math and all our other subjects if we need help. I also take our dogs for a walk so it is out exercise. Even though I am homeschooled I still have to do the same thing as the public schools.
      These are the 3 reasons why I want to be homeschooled.

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