Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My 2nd post!!! loading pics for the 1st time!!!

Hey followers so this is my 2nd time and my 1st time loading pics I hope you enjoy my pics and words!!!

Hey this is my new dress that I got at Factory 2 U it was only $10.00!!! I got another 1 and the picture is below!!

So I got this 1 at Ross it's not a full dress it's a skirt and a shirt Ross is my favorite shopping store they just have the best stuff!! for those who don't live in Alamogordo or aren't familiar we have to go an hour away!!! So that way we can go to Ross!!
Here is just some other pics of me trying to get the right pic for my profile. I was going to do this 1 for my profile but I found another 1 I liked better!!
Here is my profile pic I think it is... lol I'm pretty sure it is anyways I hope you enjoyed my pics and letters!! Be sure to post a comment below thanks!!!


  1. OOOoooo lala:) love the clothes darling:) bet your gonna look AMAZING in them:) and you my lovely are one gorgeous lil lady:) love the pics you girls are growin up too fast miss you very much:)xoxo

  2. Cool! Like the pics of you. :)